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15 Feb I Wanted to Give Back

At age 14, Aiden Hutton was defiant, angry, and manipulative - two years at the YOC gave him a new perspective. Now, Aiden works at the YOC to give back to the people who helped shape his life....

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15 Feb The Dream Team

Many YOC residents have never participated in athletic programs before. Kendi Zvokel and her team of volunteer coaches are dedicated to changing that....

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20 Dec A Word from our CEO

Each year has its own challenges and achievements and 2017-18 was no different. In this year’s Annual Report, we would like to share three stories that capture the importance of the work we do at the YOC as well as the significance of your ongoing...

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29 Nov Teaching Independence

As adults, we often take everyday skills for granted. But the YOC's Independent Living department works to teach our kids how to thrive, not just survive....

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28 Sep Hearing from YOU

Instead of always sharing about our programs or current events on our campus, we want you to hear from the placing agents who work with us! In this newsletter, we heard from our partners at the Boone County Probation Office....

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