28 Sep Hearing from YOU

The Youth Opportunity Center values you, our placing agents. We understand that you work tirelessly to provide for the families in your county. Instead of telling you about our programs or current events on our campus, we want you to hear from placing agents just like you! A warm thank you to Donna Hankins, Carol Nienaber, Dick Porter, and Lindsay Smith from The Boone County Probation Office for sharing about their experiences with the YOC.

The Boone County Probation Office has been a valued partner of the YOC for fifteen years, frequently placing youth for diagnostic and evaluation services and emergency shelter care. As you know, placing agents typically have a busy and unpredictable schedule. The YOC Admission Office is knowledgeable and prompt. The helpful approach to file review and placement they provide aides the Boone County officers to best serve their clients and ensure they are receiving the treatment they need. The majority of communication regarding placement can be completed through email which allows for much needed flexibility for the placing agent.

The most influential aspect to the decision of Boone County to continue to place with the YOC is the quality of treatment received by residents in each program. The staff treat youth with respect and spend time with them when additional attention is necessary. Alongside the healing and growth that occurs within YOC treatment programs, the diagnostic and evaluation program allows placing agents to identify the needs of the child and provide treatment options directly addressing personal trauma. Communication between program staff and placing agents is thorough and prompt, allowing any issues that arise to be addressed quickly.

The biggest reason that the Boone County Probation Office recommends the YOC is because they believe in the mission. The YOC is dedicated to working with placing agents from across the state to listen to the needs of each county and provide exceptional care to kids who have fallen on hard times.

This story is from the October 2018 Placing Agent Newsletter.