Family Preservation

The Family Preservation Team conducts comprehensive assessments of entire families, focusing on domains relating to life, health, trauma, family and community. The team then works from a strength-based and trauma-informed care approach to identify competencies and resources that each family member can utilize and leverage to promote change and reduce the risks that precipitated the need for service.

For additional information regarding Family Preservation services, please contact Casey Weigle at 765-289-5437 or

Psychological Evaluations

  • Clinical Interview and Assessment (CIA)
  • Outpatient Psychological testing

For additional information regarding outpatient and in-patient psychological services, please contact the YOC Admissions Department at 765-741-1022 or To speak directly with Jodi Thomas, the Director of Admissions, please call 765-741-1022 or

Outpatient Counseling

The Youth Opportunity Center’s Outpatient Counseling Clinic provides quality mental health services to adults and youth. The YOC’s Outpatient Counseling Clinic is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing a range of emotional, psychological, relational, and behavioral challenges. We offer highly trained professionals who have extensive training, knowledge, and experience to help clients meet their individual therapeutic goals.

  • Referred by juvenile court and/or juvenile probation
  • Referred by DCS
  • Self-referred

The YOC Outpatient Clinic accepts private referrals, private pay, Medicaid, and referrals from the Indiana Department of Child Services. Contact the YOC Outpatient Clinic at 765-289-5437 or


YOC Admissions Department 

To speak directly with Jodi Thomas, the Director of Admissions, please call 765-741-1022 or email

TRU Harbor Admissions 

For admissions and referrals for the TRU Harbor program, please contact Dr. Katrina Mallory at

Customer Relations

To speak with Ryan Hart, Director of Customer Relations, regarding general information, campus tours, vendor fairs, and conference attendance, please call 765-289-5437 or email