Success Stories

12 Steps to Success
Johnny was struggling and his behavior was very out of control.  He had begun using substances such as cocaine and acid consistently.  He was failing in school, and had been stealing from his family and disrespecting them in every way he could.  After he entered YOC he decided to turn his life around.  He began attending NA meetings, practiced his 12 steps and stayed very dedicated to leading a sober life. Additionally, he raised his grades to A’s and B’s.  He returned to YOC to celebrate his one year of sobriety, stating “if YOC was not here for me, I would have never made it”.

Youth Overcomes Challenges
Billy came to YOC with major aggression issues as well as serious emotional difficulties.  He was struggling in school and at home.  As he worked through the STEDY program, Billy struggled to understand what others were asking of him and following through.  YOC completed diagnostic testing on Billy, and he was diagnosed as Aspergers.  The information provided in the testing significantly helped the treatment team, as well as his family, teach Billy what he needed in a way that he was able to understand.  Billy worked through the program with the support of his family and completed it successfully.  He was also able to succeed in school.  Billy left the program, but was not without support.  His parents requested that Billy remain with his YOC counselor through his transition home.  Billy and his family drove here for counseling each week and were able to be successfully discharged.  Since that time, Billy’s mother has written YOC stating that she appreciated the time and effort YOC put into their family, especially Billy.  She stated that he was doing well in public school, got his driver’s license, and even got a girl friend.

Mom and Daughter Rebuild Their Relationship
Kerri entered into treatment feeling hopeless about her behaviors and her relationship with her mother.  She felt at a loss and even thought that foster care was her only option.  However, despite these feelings, both Kerri and her mother entered treatment willing to give 100%.  Her mother volunteered to take parenting classes and has demonstrated perseverance in participating in treatment and never missed a visit.  Kerri has shown growth by being able to respond appropriately to directions from authority figures and by handling disappointments with maturity.  She and her mother have improved in the areas of respect and communication.

Never Give Up
Mark had quite a long history of placement with the YOC and finally reached the age to get out on his own.  Over time, he showed tremendous growth, was able to learn many independent living skills.  In fact, had secured his driver’s license and a place of employment prior to being released.  Through all of the wrap around services provided for him, he was able to get his own apartment and start attending college.  I recently heard from Mark, who is one semester away from graduating with a college degree, is engaged to be married, and now has his own child.  This young man is now working in a very productive career and is thriving in life.  He calls from time to time to check in because he is thankful for those here that stayed with him and didn’t give up on him.  He even considers ways that he can now give back even a small portion of what was given to him.

YOC is Making a Difference… Parent’s Quotes
“Our counselor is a very caring, good listener. She was always ready to listen regardless of her schedule. She made time for my son, like he was the only one. The YOC (8B) should feel very privileged to have such a wonderful compassionate person on their team. She is a positive role model for the young adults.  Miss K (YOC staff member) is very positive, caring, friendly, and so much more staff member of C8B. She was more than just a staff to me. I could turn to her for anything I needed help with. The whole treatment team in C8B is an outstanding group of individuals.” ~ Parent of child in Cottage 8B

“Due to a negative past experience with a residential placement, I was VERY apprehensive initially. I must say though, that my son’s stay/treatment was very positive and successful. The cottage staff was great and worked diligently to help Josh in any way possible.” ~ Parent of child in Cottage 8B