25 Feb New Pathways to Success

Last year, the YOC announced the launch of a new, home-based program, Family Preservation. Aimed at combining the YOC’s quality youth and family treatment services with case management and community resources in an in-home setting, Family Preservation was launched in the summer of 2020. 

Launching a new, home-based, program in the midst of a global pandemic was nothing if not challenging. However, after a mere 7 months of operation, the success demonstrated by this new program is truly remarkable. With an average caseload of six highly acute families, the Family Preservation team has already had a lasting impact on countless families in the service area. 

From single-parent families struggling with substance abuse and medical issues to affluent families dealing with alcoholism, depression and suicidal actions, the highly-skilled Family Preservation team has worked with parents and children to build solid foundations for a successful future home life. By providing frequent contact with the family (concrete assistance in the form of rent, utilities, gas cards, and food) and the latest in treatment techniques, the team is able to not only monitor and impact the safety of the children in the home, but also effect lasting change for the families they’re helping. 

One of the most positive aspects of this program has been the ability to serve children and families before the children are removed from the home, thereby preventing further trauma. This program has truly provided new pathways for the YOC
to achieve success with kids and families.

“When you’re able to really help a family that we wouldn’t have ordinarily served at the YOC that feels really good” said John McClanahan, the YOC’s Family Preservation Case Manager. 

John shared the story of one such family. “We received a referral for a fairly affluent family suffering with alcoholism and mental health issues,” he said. “Because the parents struggled to see themselves as individuals capable of needing the assistance of social services, they struggled to engage in our services, even asking, ‘Shouldn’t you people be helping the needy?’ However, due to the YOC Family Preservation model which allows weekly contact with assigned families, our team began developing a therapeutic relationship built on trust. This allowed the couple’s view of our services to evolve. Today, both parents are highly engaged in their case plan, and have acknowledged their need to participate in services to invest in the long-term stability of their family. Because of the YOC’s Family Preservation services, this family is transitioning out of crisis and into a safe and bright future.”

For more information about the Family Preservation program, please contact our admissions department at admissions@yocinc.org. To learn more about financially supporting Family Preservation and other programs, please go to yocinc.org/donate.

This story is adapted from the Winter/Spring 2021 YOC Foundations newsletter.