How long is my child going to be here?

Although each program has expectations on length of stay, ultimately progression through the YOC’s programs are based on both individual and family participation.

Is YOC part of the probation department?

No. The YOC is a private, non-profit agency that is set apart from the court, probation, and DCS.

What is my child allowed to have while at the YOC?

All approved items will be communicated during parent orientation. When in doubt, call the supervisor of the program your child is participating in.

How will I know how my child is doing?

The YOC wants you, as parents, to be as involved as possible in your child’s treatment. An important part of this is knowing how your child is doing on a day to day basis. You are welcome to call and speak to the direct care staff or the supervisor on duty at any time to receive an update on your child’s behavior.

What if my child has pre-existing doctor’s appointments?

If your child has a doctor that they need to continue meeting with, you can call and notify the medical staff or the supervisor on duty of any appointments set and we will provide transportation.

Am I allowed to visit my child while at the Youth Opportunity Center?

Yes! The Youth Opportunity Center encourages visitation by the family of our residents and is an important part of the reunification process. Visitation is based on individual progress and the guidelines are reviewed during the parent orientation. Please note that our current visitation may differ due to COVID-19.

How often will my child be able to call me?

The YOC encourages parent/child communication as much as possible. Each program designates days and times when your child is able to utilize their phone time. These days and times will be communicated during parent orientation.

Who is allowed to visit my child while they are at the YOC?

The YOC works very closely with parents and placing agents. All approved visitors are determined by the placing agent and communicated upon admission.

When do home visits begin and how long are they?

Home visits play an important role regarding you and your child’s reunification goal. When home visits begin and how long they occur are determined by the treatment team (guardian, child, YOC, and placing agent) and will be discussed and reassessed throughout your child’s stay at the YOC.

Who should I contact to obtain school records once my child is released?

Please contact the Muncie Community Schools and request records by calling: 765-751-6011 ext. 3323. You may also reach the schools via fax: 765-751-6010.