20 Dec The Compounding Effect of our Mission

Anyone can write a check to an organization that they believe is making a difference, however, sometimes it takes digging deeper to truly understand what one’s money is going toward and the impact that it is making. This is what happened in the lives of Jay and Cathy Halteman. The long-time Muncie natives were introduced to the YOC when a friend invited them to a lunch program followed by a tour. After touring the facilities and feeling the impact of the Youth Opportunity Center on young lives, they become loyal monthly donors to help change the future for children.

“You can’t go on that tour and not be inspired, ” Cathy expressed. The couple stands in agreement that the future is in the hands of children, and therefore, investing in the next generation is imperative. “We asked ourselves, ‘where can our donations make the most impact?’ and the answer was YOC because of the compounding effect it has.” They both agree that the mission of the YOC goes further than just impacting the lives of the children, but the effects trickle down to the overall well-being of the community and the economy.

Before their involvement with the YOC, the couple saw the facilities much like many might when they drive by the campus. “Before we really learned about what happens here, we would drive by and think, ‘that’s where the kids who have gotten into trouble go.’ We saw it as a juvenile detention–we had heard it called kid’s jail.” It wasn’t until the couple participated in the Lunch and Learn program hosted monthly by the YOC, that they were able to understand that the campus is much more than this, and the children have much more to offer than their past and upbringing might indicate. This sparked a fire in the couple to contribute to this mission.

As grandparents to five boys, the Haltemans are aware of the impact that they are making not only in the lives of the children at the YOC but in the lives of the future generations. In their eyes, it goes far beyond saving a single child, instead, their contribution is going forth to change the lives of generations to come. They recognize that the YOC fights the internal and external struggles that these children face by working at the root of the problem to better the overall demographic. A person’s childhood can impact the road to the rest of their life, and by putting an end to a pattern of abuse, you can save entire generations down the road.

“This trend…It has to stop somewhere. These children have children, and by stopping this trend early, by pouring into them, you are affecting the future generations,” Jay passionately expressed. “The heartache that it prevents down the road” Cathy added, “To talk to these kids who are so troubled, and then to know that they may one day be better parents…I can’t think of anything else that pays the dividends that this provides.” Jay and Cathy, like many of our generous donors, realize that they are not just writing a check to rehabilitate kids, but that their gift is making a difference for whole families, whole generations. This impact rarely stops with a single child, but instead, it can change the course of entire lives in a compounding way that pays off far more than any dollar amount.

This story is an excerpt, as it appears in the 2017 – 2018 Annual Report. To view the full report click here.