15 Feb I Wanted to Give Back

At age 14, you should not have a care in the world, however this was not the case for Aiden Hutton. Aiden was a defiant, 14-year old boy who was angry and manipulative and began to lie and steal from individuals. It wasn’t until he ran away from home, again, that he was placed at the YOC and completed a comprehensive psychological assessment. The assessment helped identify some past traumatic life events that may have been triggering Aiden’s reactions and inappropriate behaviors. The diagnostic testing was the start of helping Aiden identify what he needed to overcome in life.

“I spent two years at the YOC and it was the first time I was able to be “me”. I didn’t have to worry about things in life. The YOC was super consistent and provided the stability that I needed. For the first time I felt like an actual teenager. Staff invested in me and over the years, with limited visitors, the staff became my family. I knew I was a good kid but the YOC helped me see this,” stated Aiden.

When Aiden was 16 he was successfully discharged from the YOC and went to live with a relative in California, only to return later to Indiana to work at the YOC. “I work here because I want to give back and I do it for the kids. It can be challenging, but the people are kind-hearted and honest and all have the kids in mind.”

As Aiden gives back, the YOC is also investing in Aiden through the Anna Ullom Scholarship. This scholarship was established for past YOC residents to assist with tuition for secondary education. Aiden is attending Ivy Tech, while working full-time at the YOC, and plans to obtain a degree in computer programming or software development. The Anna Ullom Scholarship provides Aiden with the necessary support to be able to attend and he is grateful.

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