Within our Family Beacon division, we have adopted a trauma-informed care approach that includes a framework of understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma on each family. Our approach is to focus on family strengths, protective factors, and coping capacities, and to identify problems and deficits in family relationships, as well as strengths and capacities that we can help identify and build up.

The Family Preservation Team conducts comprehensive assessments of entire families, focusing on domains relating to life, health, trauma, family and community.  The team then works from a strength-based and trauma-informed care approach to identify competencies and resources that each family member can utilize and leverage to promote change and reduce the risks that precipitated the need for service. Safety issues and areas of risk are also explored which includes assessing the family’s understanding of the safety and risk factors facing their family, and examining what they have done already to address the concerns, what they consider to be the barriers to progress, and what their most pressing needs are in relation to the safety and risk factors.

The home-based services team reviews the assessment results with the Child and Family Team (CFT) and uses this information to drive treatment services and safety planning for the family, which includes:

Home-Based Case Management

Case managers work collaboratively with the CFT to develop and implement treatment and safety plans (or service and safety plans). The case manager will coordinate services as well as assist families with conflict management, parent education, life skills, and emergency/crisis situations.

Homemaker/Parent Aid Services

Homemakers work with the CFT to implement treatment and safety plans.  In addition to connecting families to community resources, the homemaker visits the home at least one time weekly and teaches and models household management, parenting skills, resource management, child safety, budgeting and parent/child interaction skills.

Home-Based Counseling

Counselors provide mental health services within the home environment, including individual and family counseling.  The Counselor also works with the CFT to develop and update treatment and safety plans and monitor the family’s progress toward their therapeutic goals.

For more information, contact:  Casey R. Weigle LMHC, CSAYC  |  Director of Community-Based Services  |  765.289.5437