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03 Mar Why I Give: Debbie Emmons

We sat down with Debbie Emmons of Muncie to learn about why she gives to the Youth Opportunity Center. She is married to Mike and they have two kids, Courtney and Cameron. Debbie and her family contribute in multiple ways, including volunteering, playing in the...

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03 Mar A Trauma-Informed Toolkit

Clinical treatment is one of the most crucial elements of a child’s time here at the YOC. Mental health staff at the YOC have adopted a trauma-informed approach to their treatment of our residents, but it doesn’t stop there. As part of a multidisciplinary approach...

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03 Mar Staff Spotlight: Evan Brown

Evan’s role as an Intensive Behavior Intervention Specialist is to determine why kids behave in certain ways, and develop a plan to address the behavior. He offers training and guidance to staff in his program, especially when kids are acting out....

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03 Mar Stories of Success: Greg

Success looks different for everyone. The key to success at the YOC is progress. The key to progress is effort. The key to effort is caring. To succeed at The Youth Opportunity Center (YOC), residents need to have the desire to get better, to work...

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07 Feb Ministry Services at YOC

The YOC provides spiritual services in a way unique to our competitors. In 2017, the YOC committed to placing the utmost importance on residents’ spiritual care by hiring Paul Ward as our full-time Spiritual Life Coordinator....

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The 2019 Annual Report, laid out to a spread of two pages where you see two smiling faces and the word "IMPACT".

06 Dec The 2018-2019 Annual Report

Take a moment to read through our most recent annual report to learn about some of the victories from the past year and how the generosity of so many people impacted kids across the state in a positive way....

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"Kids Week Leaves a Lasting Impact" with a photo of masks colored during Kids Week and Dr. Giselle McKell-Jeffers.

04 Dec Kids Week Leaves a Lasting Impact

Imagine a child who has never been trick-or-treating. Imagine a child who has never been to a carnival, never had cotton candy, never been to a football game, and never decorated a pumpkin. For many kids at the YOC, that is their reality. Born of...

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"Small Program Big Impact" with a photo of the library at TRU Harbor and Dr. Katrina Mallory.

04 Dec Small Program, Broad Impact

In the summer of 2018, a dream came to life. A modest little building on a hill in New Castle, Indiana opened its doors—offering sanctuary to victims of commercial and sexual exploitation (CSEC). TRU Harbor, as it’s known, is a program of the Youth Opportunity...

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