20 Dec A Word from our CEO

Each year has its own challenges and achievements and 2017-18 was no different. We are happy to report that the resources from our first capital campaign are being invested and creating a true impact on programs and facilities that are changing the lives of children and families. As we move forward into the next twenty-five years, our team continues to implement numerous initiatives from our current strategic plan. This diligent and persistent effort is needed as we seek to fulfill our mission.

In this year’s Annual Report, we would like to share three stories that capture the importance of the work we do at the YOC and the significance of your ongoing support.

Enrichment Beyond Education

Take in the story of how our education team goes above and beyond to bring educational programs to the kids on the YOC campus. In particular, read how our Summer Enrichment program provides innovative and hands-on experiences for our kids during the summer months when traditional school is out. I know you will be inspired by the dedication of our staff and the way the kids were impacted and moved to make a difference.

A Little Renovation and a World of Change

Thanks to funds from our capital campaign, we were able to make physical renovations in a few programs that were certainly needed. In addition to structural changes and repairs, you will learn how changing the color scheme in bedrooms, buying new bedding and blankets, and purchasing new furniture all help children feel cared for and loved. These very important changes help our staff transform the lives of youth.

The Compounding Effect of Our Mission

Anyone can write a check to an organization that they believe is making a difference, however, sometimes it takes digging deeper to truly understand what one’s money is going toward and the impact that it is making. This is what happened in the lives of Jay and Cathy Halteman. The long-time Muncie natives were introduced to the YOC when a friend invited them to a lunch program followed by a tour. After touring the facilities and feeling the impact of the Youth Opportunity Center on young lives, they became loyal monthly donors to help change the future for children. Jay and Cathy, like many of our generous donors, realize that they are not just writing a check to rehabilitate kids, but that their gift is making a difference in whole families, whole generations.

We hope you are inspired and encouraged as you read the stories of impact and know that the team at the YOC is as committed as ever to helping children look forward to a promising future. We invite you to join us in this most worthwhile journey.

These stories are excerpts, as they appear in the 2017 – 2018 Annual Report. To view the full report click here.