Moderate-High Risk; Staff Secure; SMY Licensed Designation; Males

  TARGET POPULATION: AGES 13-18                                                                                 [Staff Ratio 1:4]

  • Youth who have at least one victim
  • May be stepping down from a more restrictive sexually maladaptive treatment program (i.e., private secure)
  • At least low average cognitive ability

The SMART program is designed to provide a high level of safety, supervision, and structure while addressing the specific treatment needs of these adolescents who demonstrate sexually maladaptive behaviors. A comprehensive structured curriculum provides best practice programming by addressing the developmental, psychological, social and behavioral variables of the individual that may have led to his sexually maladaptive behaviors. The SMART program focuses on teaching residents how to identify and avoid triggers and break the sexual relapse cycle. In addition, emphasis is placed on improving social skills, boundaries and healthy relationships.

Interventions designed by clinical staff to meet these needs employ a Cognitive-Behavioral approach to treatment goals. To enhance security, motion detectors and numerous cameras have been installed in the cottage and staff are required to document the youth’s location every 5 minutes. Safety plans are established using a network of family members, friends, teachers, coaches and other community members or professionals, to help ensure adequate supervision at all times, including school, home and off-grounds activities.