The Juvenile Detention Center is licensed by the Department of Corrections, accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA), and utilizes Performance-based Standards (PbS) to ensure the highest quality practices and most effective research-based services are offered to all youth placed within the facility.  Juveniles may be placed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, as authorized by Juvenile Probation or the juvenile courts.    

Moderate-High Risk; Secure Correctional Facility; Males and Females


The Juvenile Detention Center provides a safe, secure environment where juveniles are provided a variety of services including:

  • Pre-adjudication placements
  • Post-adjudication placements with individual and family counseling
  • Highly structured programming and behavior modification
  • Access to medical personnel and mental health professionals
  • Spiritual services
  • Indiana State licensed teacher
  • High school equivalency (HSE) preparatory materials
  • Psychiatric consultation as needed
  • Secure transportation services are also available