The YOC logo in white, layered with blue and yellow rectangles over a subtle texture of leaves.

13 Dec Youth Opportunity Center Introduces Refreshed Branding

The Youth Opportunity Center recently announced the launch of a refreshed corporate brand identity. The organization will maintain its name and primary logo while refreshing the colors and imagery used throughout all marketing resources.

Branding research determined that evolving its brand identity, rather than completely changing its name and logo, was the optimal decision. The reputation and equity built under its previous identity is a valuable asset, but after several decades, it needed a fresh approach consistent with the ever-evolving nature of the organization.

Over the past 25 years, we’ve built a strong reputation for quality and innovation,” said Rick Rowray, YOC CEO. “Our research confirmed that evolving our brand, rather than completely changing it, was the appropriate strategy. While we want to maintain a connection to our roots, we also wanted to better demonstrate the energy, vitality, and hope our team brings to their work with children and families.”

Whitinger Strategic Services was tasked with designing the new brand and all related elements.

“A sculpture stands near the main entrance of the YOC campus. The sculpture is named Awakening Potential and it depicts a young boy and girl standing on the stump of a tree yet their arms are raised with new branches beginning to emerge from their fingers. The sculpture depicts the potential for growth and new life to emerge from a troubled past. We used the message of the sculpture as powerful inspiration when designing the new brand for the YOC,” stated Whitinger Strategic Services Managing Director, Richard Crist.

The new brand introduces more vibrant colors to convey the hope and promise of a brighter future and incorporates imagery from nature throughout all marketing pieces to depict the seasons of life and the opportunity for new growth. The brand refresh will allow the YOC to present itself with a rejuvenated, powerful and exciting voice – celebrating their past success but also looking forward to what the future holds. In all, the brand will support expanded growth, new changes in the market, and new audiences, all the while, maintaining a sense of relevancy for the future. Elements of the new brand have started to be used on the organization’s website and social media pages along with recent collateral materials. It will continue to be rolled out in the coming months through on-campus signage, company stationery, newsletters, and the organization’s annual report.