07 Feb Ministry Services at YOC

The YOC provides spiritual services in a way unique to our competitors. In 2017, the YOC committed to placing the utmost importance on residents’ spiritual care by hiring Paul Ward as our full-time Spiritual Life Coordinator. Since then, Paul has been coordinating spiritual life activities for the YOC residents including the planning of events such as workshops, bible studies, and worship services. Paul has a great passion for our kids and we’re
fortunate to have his programs as part of our offering for youth.

Having been a medic in the Air Force, Paul has dealt first hand with the relationship between trauma and ministry—equipping him to help YOC residents who have faced significant trauma in their own lives. Paul also writes frequently on the topic of ministry, recently focusing on trauma and ministry. Read more about his story here.

For questions about his services at the YOC, you can reach Paul at pward@yocinc.org

This story is adapted from the February 2020 Placing Agent Newsletter.