03 Mar Staff Spotlight: Evan Brown


Position: Intensive Behavior Intervention Specialist, Registered Behavior Technician

Program: STARS, a program for youth with developmental and intellectual disabilities

Length of time at the YOC: 5 years

Hometown: Westfield, IN

Alma Mater: Ball State University for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees

Evan’s role as an Intensive Behavior Intervention Specialist is to determine why kids behave in certain ways, and develop a plan to address the behavior. He offers training and guidance to staff in his program, especially when kids are acting out. He also provides training to parents to teach them how to model positive behaviors, use positive reinforcement, and address negative behavior in a constructive way. He is working to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst which will allow him to develop and implement programming plans as well as train other staff to be Registered Behavior Technicians themselves.