01 Jun Well Being, What Is It?

You may have heard  (or even used) the term "wellbeing", but what exactly does it mean? Well, there's a rich pool of data from the Gallup organization that clarifies the term for us.  From millions of data points collected over many years of research done around...

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16 Oct YOC Wellness Program Receives Five Star Award

Five Star Award Youth Opportunity Center’s wellness program received the Wellness Council of Indiana’s Five Star Award at the 2015 Indiana Health and Wellness Summit held at the J.W. Marriott, Indianapolis (Oct. 7-8). This is the highest level recognition that is given to organizations for achieving...

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13 Apr The Wellness Current

  This Week @ The YOC To check out more ways you can improve your wellbeing, take a look at the GIT GAME! Info Board in the CSF building throughout the month! GIT Game! Tip: If you haven’t told us your WellBucks total yet for the month of...

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09 Jun The Wellness Current

June Wellness Challenge – *200 WellBucks* This month’s challenge is “New Year’s In June.” Take some time this month to reevaluate your goals or set a new one… call it a “Mid-Year Resolution.” One of the keys to successful goal setting is to set goals you...

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