The Value of Hope

Many kids at the YOC have never celebrated a birthday or holiday, don’t feel safe or loved at home, and may not have had a bed to sleep in. They’ve never been encouraged to dream big—to have hope. When you give to the YOC, you’re giving hundreds of kids the chance at a brighter future and making dreams of education come true. You’re sponsoring a birthday unlike any these kids have ever had. Your gift makes a child feel safe and loved. Thank you for giving the gift of hope.

Text: "Seeing hope in the eyes of a child? Priceless. $30: the cost for one welcome bag for each child beginning therapy. $50: the amount we spend on each child for their birthday. $100: cost for 1 resident to sit for their HSE test. $500: the amount we spend per month on haircuts. $4,000: the amount we spend monthly on kids clothing. $65,000: the amount we spend annually providing spiritual services to our kids."
Text in an infographic: "The Kids You Will Help: We've served kids from 69 counties in the last 24 months. The average length of stay for a YOC resident is approximately 6 months. 100% of YOC residents have experienced significant complex trauma."