Grow A Strong Child

clevengerDave Clevenger retired last October after working as an executive for Maxon Corporation for more than 25 years. Most people in his position would already be well into their retirement travel itinerary. But Dave had other plans.

Immediately after retiring, Dave began volunteering as an instructional aide at Pleasant View Elementary School in Yorktown. Now, he’s a full-time kindergarten P.E. instructor at the school. “I’ve always loved being around kids,” Dave said. “When my kids were small, I was ‘that dad.’ I coached all of the little league teams and basketball teams.”

Clevenger also has a passion for helping disadvantaged children. Early in life, he worked as juvenile probation officer for 10 years. He has also been a board member and ardent supporter of the Youth Opportunity Center from the very beginning.

“The Youth Opportunity Center is exactly what my colleagues and I dreamed of having back in the 1970s, when I worked in the juvenile system,” Dave said. “Having all of these services in one facility is just ideal for kids. And while the facility is beautiful, I hope people understand that it’s the people inside who are doing the really amazing work. Their credentials and qualifications are phenomenal.”

“The YOC is just a tremendous advantage for Delaware County,” he continued. “It’s creating jobs and it’s helping our children. It’s a win-win. And the people who win the most are the kids. That’s what our donations and contributions help make a reality.”