YOC Residential Programs

YOC is located on a 75-acre campus which includes nine residential cottages that are home to four individualized treatment programs, an on-grounds accredited school, recreation facilities, support buildings, and nature areas. The YOC works with youth ages 6-18 with complex, diverse clinical and behavioral challenges through the multi-dimensional team approach using empirically supported practices including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) as core elements of the daily milieu. Youth are also exposed to wellness and cultural activities to enhance their personal development. Activities are integrated in the weekly schedules which include community activities, art and drama classes, Scouting programs, PAL Club, mentoring programs, YMCA, athletic events, etc. which provide positive outlets for youth within their communities.

The YOC has four specialized long-term programs that meet the individual needs of youth living on our campus. The behavior modification program, therapeutic interventions, treatment plans, behavior plans, visitation, etc. are established with the unique characterstics of each child and family considered. Additional information will be outlined below which includes summary of the Transitional Living (TransLife), Specialized Treatment for Emotionally Disturbed Youth (STEDY), Sexually Maladaptive Adolescents in Residential Treatment (SMART) and Intensive Adolescent Care (INTAC) Programs. The Treatment for Adolescents in Secure Care (TASC) Program is a private secure facility also outlined below.

Transitional Living (TransLife) Program
Female Program for youth ages 6-18
The Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) TransLife Program is for court-ordered females ages 6-18. TransLife provides young people with a structured behavior modification program to help develop daily living skills, problem solving and coping strategies that provide the necessary tools for personal development and growth.

Sexually Maladaptive Adolescents in Residential Treatment (SMART) Program
Male Program for youth ages 11-18

Adolescents who demonstrate sexually maladaptive behaviors are in need of a structured environment to address their individual treatment needs. The SMART program focuses on teaching residents how to avoid triggers and falling into the sexual relapse cycle in the future.

Specialized Treatment for Emotionally Disturbed Youth (STEDY) Program
Male and Female Programs for youth ages 6-18
The STEDY program takes a compassionate approach to behavior modification. Residents in the program focus on becoming capable of dealing with difficult emotions without resorting to impulsive, destructive or anti-social conduct. This structured program provides stability for youth that may have experienced trauma through physical abuse, sexual abuse, severe neglect, and/or witnessing extreme violence.

Intensive Adolescent Care (INTAC)
Male and Female Program for youth ages 11-18

The INTAC program is for court-ordered youth ages 6-18 which includes four cottages for males and one cottage for females. The INTAC program provides a highly structured behavior modification program which incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy as standard interventions in therapy.

Teaching and Empowering Adolescent Males (TEAM)
Male Program for youth ages 6-18
The TEAM Unit is a secure residential treatment program devoted to helping youth who are dealing with the most severe criminal and behavioral issues. These youth have typically experienced failed previous placements and/or are not manageable or safe in the community, staff secure residential facility, or less restrictive environment. Specially trained treatment staff focus on the importance of respecting authority, building healthy relationships, managing anger, exercising self-control, accepting personal responsibility, making positive choices, learning to effectively resolve conflicts, improving academic performance, and developing enhanced moral reasoning.

Treatment for Adolescents in Secure Care (TASC) Program
Male and Female Program for youth ages 6-18

The TASC program is a 28 bed program that serves the most severe youth, ages 6- 18, who are dealing with emotional, behavioral, and/or psychiatric symptoms. These youth suffer from severe abuse, neglect, and trauma and often present as a danger to self or others, which have resulted in unsuccessful treatment interventions such as outpatient counseling, foster care, open residential care, and acute hospital placements prior to placement in this program.