Outpatient Clinical Services

YOC Outpatient Counseling Clinic

The Youth Opportunity Center’s Outpatient Counseling Clinic provides quality mental health services to adults and youth. The YOC’s clinic is dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families who are experiencing a range of emotional, psychological, relational and behavioral problems. We offer highly trained professionals who have extensive training, knowledge and experience to help clients meet their individual therapeutic goals.

Therapists work with clients to identify therapeutic objectives and desired outcomes of the counseling process that optimizes the client’s sense of clarity and overall well-being. Therapy is not viewed as an hour of work in an office, but an ongoing process of identifying challenges, developing coping strategies, and evaluating ongoing progress for each client’s personal growth.

YOC’s therapist have years of experience working with youth and adults on an outpatient basis dealing with conflict, relationship issues, family discord, emotional distress, loss, trauma, substance abuse, personal and career development, self-esteem, sexually maladaptive behaviors, abuse, and life transitions.

YOC’s Outpatient Clinic accepts clients through self-referral, court system (juvenile and adult), and employee assistance programs. Payment options include private insurance, Medicaid, or self-pay. Referrals are also accedpted through the Department of Child Services Community Based Service Contracts for DCS and Probation youth.

For additional information please contact YOC’s outpatient clinic at (765) 289-5437 or email outpatientadmissions@yocinc.org.

Outpatient Counseling Clinic Payment for Services

The Youth Opportunity Center’s Outpatient Counseling Clinic works with each client to establish payment options for behavioral health services. The fees associated with behavioral health services are based solely on the cost of the service.

The YOC Outpatient Counseling Clinic accepts private insurance, Medicaid and private pay. Prior to any services rendered, YOC’s Client Insurance Coordinator will discuss payment options with each client and their family.

YOC’s standard policy requires payment and co-payments at the time services are provided. If you have Medicaid, or private health insurance, we will submit claims to these third-party sources when proper forms are on file in our business office.

Payment Processing

Your online payment will be credited to your account for payment of services the following business day. Thank you for your recent payment for services.

If you have questions, please contact YOC’s Client Insurance Coordinator for billing questions at (765) 741-4953.

All required fields are required for billing purposes. Thank you.