TARGET POPULATION: ages 12 – 18

Referred by

  • DCS
  • Juvenile Court
  • Juvenile Probation

LOCATION: Henry County

The Day/Evening Reporting program is a co-ed program for youth who have been identified to be at-risk for removal from the home.

Eligible youth for Day Reporting are DCS youth with an informal adjustment, or formal adjudication of CHINS (children in need of services), or youth with an informal adjustment in a CHINS case or juvenile delinquency case (criminal or status-JD or JS). Youth eligible for Evening Reporting are youth pending a juvenile delinquency adjudication or adjudicated as a juvenile delinquent (criminal or status-JD or JS).

Youth assigned to this program are provided intensive supervision, utilization of a cognitive-behavior change approach, educational planning, educational assistance and support, daily group psychoeducation classes, independent living skills and general life skills training, vocational activities, recreational activities or events, and community service projects.

The Day Reporting program is available for 8 hours per day (in four hour increments), Monday through Friday, and can be offered for up to 6 months. Participation, progress, and activities completed are communicated on a regular basis to the placing agent, parents/guardian, schools (if applicable), and courts. The hours of 12-4 are available for both DCS and deliquency. The hours of 4-8 are available for deliquency youth only.

Supervision & Care

The Day Reporting Center provides supervision, meals, and snacks. The daily schedule provides structure for program attendees; it helps to ensure the youth stay on task and are working to complete the goals set for them at admission.

Academic Support

Youth in the Day Reporting program may be attending public school, participating in a High School Equivalency (HSE) program, taking college credit courses or other vocational training classes. Regardless of the youth’s educational status, the Day Reporting staff will develop an individualized education plan and will coordinate with the schools of which the youth are enrolled. This program will also help the youth complete his or her educational goals. Youth will have opportunities to participate in credit recovery, virtual learning programs, daily study time, completion of assigned school work, etc.

Daily Group Psychoeducational Classes

All youth are required to participate in group psychoeducational classes each day. These psychoeducational classes are evidence-based treatment curriculum which addresses such issues as understanding emotions; reducing stress and anxiety; mindfulness; relationship improvement; coping strategies; goal setting; boundaries; healthy relationships; and etc.

Independent Living Skills

All youth will be provided independent living (IL) services as part of their weekly schedule.

Vocational Activities

Program staff will help youth to prepare for employment, which includes: completing applications, writing resumes, practicing interviewing skills, etc., with age appropriate youth. Youth who have shown responsible behavior may be given the opportunity to obtain or maintain employment with approval from the placing agent. Note: Expelled youth are required to participate in these activities. 

Recreation Opportunities

Youth attending the Day Reporting Center will have opportunities to attend the local YMCA, play various sports at nearby parks, or just have some down time playing card/board games with staff.

Community Engagement

Youth will have the opportunity to become involved in their community. They will learn the resources available to them and the importance of giving back through community service activities. Examples could range from learning how to utilize public transportation to volunteering at the local food bank.

To learn more about the YOC Day Reporting Program, contact:

David Dickerson,, or Heather Ault,, 765 -  289  -  5437.