Every story has an author, and the Youth Opportunity Center can credit Steven Caldemeyer as ours. For more than 25 years, Judge Caldemeyer worked in the judicial system as a prosecutor and as a Circuit Court judge.  Caldemeyer heard countless criminal, civil and juvenile cases in his courtroom. However, his true passion was advocacy for the less fortunate, abused and neglected children, and individuals that didn’t always have a voice.

In the late 1980’s, he led a charge to help build what is now the Youth Opportunity Center to treat children and families in Delaware County.  Caldemeyer had witnessed numerous families in the judicial system that needed supportive services and bringing this to the YOC campus was part of his vision.   Caldemeyer wanted children to receive counseling services and educational programs to help them be successful in life. He just wanted kids to have a chance.

From the very beginning, Judge Caldemeyer wanted what was best for kids and families in this community.  The organization you see today didn’t just happen overnight. Judge Caldemeyer spent countless hours sharing his vision and investing his own time and resources to build the dream he believed in. Over the years, the YOC has grown to be a model treatment facility which serves children from across Indiana.

We remember Judge Caldemeyer for his boundless passion and commitment to our community. His determination, passion, and sacrifice have led to immeasurable opportunities for YOC families and kids. It is with great sadness in our hearts that Steve will no longer be with us, but his impact on our community will last for decades to come.

Judge Steve Caldemeyer

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