14 Sep Why I Give: A Letter from a Donor

Donors give to the YOC for so many different reasons. Some have a heart for kids, some want to invest in brighter futures. Some know firsthand the obstacles facing our residents and feel a deep desire to use their own successes to pay it forward. That’s the case with one of our valued, long-time major donors. His letter illustrates the importance of giving to the YOC better than our own words ever could.

“Dear YOC Team,

I really appreciate the difference you all are making in each child’s life. I am thankful I get to play a part in that through my giving. As a person who grew up in a home full of abuse and drug addiction, I know firsthand what a small amount of encouragement can do in a child’s life. I was once that child. My mother believed in me and always encouraged me to seek and trust the Lord. I dropped out of high school at around age 15. I started my own business then went off to college. I graduated at 19 and started my career as a real estate investor. All this to say, I know what you all are doing is making a big difference, and I’m glad to be a part of it. I pray God continues to bless you all in every way. Please let the children know I am praying for them and I believe in them.

– Your Friend in the Harvest”

To this donor, for their unwavering support, their encouragement and their willingness to share openly about their own struggles – we thank you. These are the stories that uplift and inspire. These are the stories that illuminate the importance of giving to the YOC. This letter says it all.

This story is adapted from the Summer 2020 YOC Foundations newsletter.