26 Aug Success Story: In Her Own Words

A letter from a resident to her cottage manager as she was being discharged from the YOC.

“Ms. Cottage Manager*

Your favorite resident is finally leaving! I know your [sic] sad like a lot of other people are, but you’ll be just fine without me. Thank you so much for all the faith and time you have put into me. When I first got here, I never would’ve thought our rapport would be as good as it is now, but I’m glad it is. I had so many bumps along the way, if I’m being honest, I never thought I was going to finish the program or be successfully discharged. Since I’ve been here, I never got a break … but I’m glad that you and the rest of my team were so patient and understanding.

I never felt as supported as I have here just hearing…that you would vouch for me all the time makes me so happy and proud of myself. You gave me so much hope in times when I wanted to just drop everything and give up. For so long I was okay with being misunderstood, but now, I want people to hear me out and understand why I am who I am now. I know my purpose and I want everyone else to know it too.

Just two months ago, I probably would’ve said I’d never do this again. I’m not saying I would willingly break the law just so I could do this again. What I’m saying is, I’m happy with my state of mind now. If I happen to get into a messy situation, I wouldn’t refuse my treatment or mess things up for myself for so long again.

This program has helped me so much in many different ways. When I go home, I might just leave a 5-star review 🙂

But, for real, I appreciate everything you have done for me and I’ll keep you updated when I leave and restart my life.



*Names have been removed to protect the identity of the resident.

This story is adapted from the Summer 2020 YOC Foundations newsletter.