06 Apr A Shining Example of Selflessness in Dark Times

These are trying times. Uncertain times. These are times when—despite our best efforts to put the needs of others before our own—the temptation is to focus inwardly, to focus on what we are having to give up. For many teens, especially those here in Indiana who just this week found out their school year is over (apart from e-learning), this is a time where little gifts and perks bring great joy.

At the YOC, our residents have the opportunity to earn points as they go about their daily tasks and therapies. Those points can then be “cashed in” at our on-campus “store,” Pillar Point. Residents can use their points for snacks, books, to rent movies and video games, to get upgraded self-care items or even for experiences such as having a meal brought in from off-campus. As you can imagine, during these past weeks, with our campus closed, family visits limited to video conference, no off-campus activities and no school, these perks at Pillar Point offer a bright spot to look forward to.

But, for the past few weeks, in an effort to offer an opportunity for kids to learn about giving back—they have begun being offered the opportunity to donate the value of any of their unused or unneeded points to a local charity, A.R.F. (Animal Rescue Fund). While they are under no pressure nor obligation to do so, many of our residents have begun choosing to donate their points. This has already amounted to over $50 raised for A.R.F! Overall, 17 residents have donated so far, with one donating $16 worth of points. When asked multiple times by staff if she was sure she wanted to donate so much, she simply smiled and assured the staff she did. This opportunity will continue for the next couple of months, at which point the money will be used to purchase items needed by A.R.F.

At a time when we’re all clamoring for things to do and enjoy while we’re isolating, these kids provide us with an amazing example of what it looks like to put another’s needs before your own—truly offering us all hope for the future.