25 Apr YOC Employee Receives Personal Integrity Award

The Committee for Integrity Enhancement in East Central Indiana hosts an annual award ceremony to promote high integrity and good character in Muncie and Delaware County. These awards are given to people who demonstrate ethical decisions based on strong values on a day-to-day basis. Among their core values stand, Integrity, described as honorable, upright and courageous.

The Committee for Integrity Enhancement created an award around this core value named the Personal Integrity Award. The award is given to people who have distinguished themselves as individuals of high principles and good character throughout their daily lives and decision-making.

James Williams, YOC’s Director of Detention Services was awarded the Personal Integrity Award at the recent annual awards ceremony. James has been with the YOC for sixteen years and lives in Muncie with his wife and three children.

“We are proud to be a part of James’ story and the incredible impact he is having at the YOC and in the Delaware County community,” stated YOC CEO, Rick Rowray. “James is a tremendous example for our children and staff and sets the bar high. It is a pleasure to have a man of his integrity in our organization.”