06 Sep Community Leaders Inspiring Youth

The summer ended with the 5th Annual Youth Leadership Summit. This year, with support from the Vectren Foundation, Robert Jackson was invited to keynote the event. Jackson inspired and motivated more than 75 students in attendance. A former NFL player turned public school teacher, he spoke about the importance of looking inward before moving forward. He encouraged the kids to work hard to accomplish their goals. One resident reported that Robert was a “good guy that most of us can relate to.”

Community leaders also took part in the summit. More than 20 volunteers helped provide industry knowledge and professional guidance through a hands-on, interactive event. Students were able to attend workshops in one of six areas: business, information technology, health science, the arts, human services, and trades. Gary Thomas, President of Leap Managed IT, had students build marshmallow structures in small groups as part of his workshop. He stated that “they did great and afterward we talked about teamwork, problem-solving, and being open to other people’s ideas. Honestly, they did better than most adults at it!” In addition, a financial workshop was led by Brian Osner of White River Wealth Strategies.

Osner stated, “the Youth summit was a great way for me to invest in youth. I know that these kids are searching for direction in their life and this is one way I can help them see the possibilities.”

The YOC would like to thank the Vectren Foundation for their financial support of the Youth Leadership Summit and the volunteers who made this event a huge success!

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