11 Jun Connections Crew

The Youth Opportunity Center strives to be a sanctuary for healing for children and young adults in need. Studies show that the presence of at least one caring, consistent, and reliable adult in a child’s life significantly impacts not only their overall well-being but also their ability to recover from trauma. Many of the residents at YOC have the opportunity to visit with their families periodically while living on campus. However, at times, circumstances prevent a child from having family visitation. Our staff understands the importance of meaningful interactions with invested adults. Involvement in Connections Crew allows residents to leave their program and spend time in a relaxed environment, providing the opportunity to build relationships with both adults and peers in a non-threatening and indirect way.

In addition to special celebrations for a child’s birthday or holidays, Connections Crew provides members with ongoing, unconditional positive support. The group provides opportunities to indirectly process the feelings of shame, embarrassment, loneliness, and frustration that are often associated with a lack of support. In many instances, involvement has led to reduced negative feelings and a healthier understanding of attachment and relationships for the children involved. One of the goals of Connections Crew is to provide residents with the opportunity to learn through experience that adults can be trusted, caring, and reliable. In an effort to grow responsibly and serve additional children, the Youth Opportunity Center will soon be inviting community members to volunteer with the program.

This story is from the June 2018 Placement Agent Newsletter.