01 Sep Youth Opportunity Center Completes Multi-Year Strategic Plan


The Youth Opportunity Center recently completed the development of a multi-year strategic plan for the organization. The Board of Directors and Senior Management of the YOC has undertaken a period of review and planning with the goal of creating a strategic framework that will ensure the continued relevance, sustainability, and growth of the organization. The outcomes of this plan will guide the organization’s activities and decision making as they seek to fulfill their mission while acting as good stewards for our donors, communities, partners and employees. This is a four-year plan designed to guide the organization from 2016 through 2020.

The project was led by a core planning team while hundreds of internal and external stakeholders were also engaged to contribute to the process. Surveys and focus groups were conducted to gather perceptions of the organization from staff and board members. Strategic goal setting sessions were held and then summarized by the professional facilitators with Whitinger Strategic Services. All of the above inputs were paramount to the accurate development of strategic and executable points of action necessary for the continuous achievement of the organization’s mission.

Over the next four years, the YOC will work to accomplish twelve specific goals and initiatives in four primary areas of focus. The YOC has also formed an annual operating plan which outlines a complete set of intermediate objectives and actionable tasks that are necessary to reach the multi-year goals.

“To uphold the highest standards in the treatment of the kids in our care, it was important for us as an organization, to define where we stand in terms of capacity, market presence and overall effectiveness in fulfilling our mission. Through a balanced and comprehensive approach, we rigorously evaluated all aspects of our work and the value we add to those we serve. We are certain that as we execute this plan, we will be more equipped to create a better future for our kids,” stated YOC Chief Executive Officer, Rick Rowray.

Click here to view the YOC Strategic Plan.