24 May YOC Conference on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children


Youth Opportunity Center, Muncie, IN. – May 25, 2016

The Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) saw a tremendous turnout at their Conference on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, which was held Wednesday, May 25th at the YOC. The purpose of the conference was to educate attendees about victimology, treatment, and legislation of the CSEC population. Speakers included Dr. Robyn N. Eubank, PsyD, HSSP, Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) Director of Psychological Services, Judge Kimberly Dowling, Delaware County Circuit Court #2, Marian Hatcher, Senior Project Manager for the Office of Public Policy and Human Trafficking Coordinator for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, Chicago IL, and Tracy McDaniel, Founder and CEO for Restored, an organization that provides services and outreach to victims.

Commercially Sexually Exploited Children is a type of sexual abuse where youth are trafficked (marketed) within the US for the purpose of sexual exploitation. In recent years, there has been an increase in identification and referrals of youth who have been commercially sexually exploited.


The YOC’s residential SEC/CSEC Program provides integrative treatment for females from Indiana who have experienced emotional, physical and sexual trauma. These youth have very specific treatment needs that include living environments that provide a sense of security and predictability, along with treatment strategies designed to help them understand the cycle of abuse and empower them to create and maintain a successful, happy life.

For more information on the SEC/CSEC Program, contact David Dickerson, Director of Alternative Programs, Youth Opportunity Center, at ddickers@yocinc.org, or (765) 289-5437.