29 Dec Youth Opportunity Center Leads in Sustainable Development: Installs solar photovoltaic panels

The Youth Opportunity Center recently completed the installation of 53 solar energy panels at its central services facility. The YOC initiated the project to proactively address rising electrical costs while meeting its goal of being a local leader in sustainable development.

A State Utility Forecasting Group analysis predicts a 30% increase in electricity prices by 2023.

With a campus of 18 buildings, we have very high energy costs, says Jeff Helm, YOC Director of IT and Facilities. Every dollar we save on utility bills can be put into direct program services for the kids we serve.

YOC previously completed other energy-conservation projects including re-lamping the gym, maintenance building and some of the juvenile detention center with LED lighting; adding motion-sensing light switches; installing tankless water heaters; and implementing computerized HVAC monitoring.

The purchase and installation of the solar photovoltaic panels was made possible through grants from the Hamer D. and Phyllis C. Shafer Foundation and the Indiana Association for Community Economic Development (IACED).


Source: Indiana Electricity Projections: The 2013 Forecast, published by State Utility Forecasting Group http://www.purdue.edu/discoverypark/energy/assets/pdfs/SUFG/publications/2013%20SUFG%20Forecast.pdf