• Referred by Juvenile Court and/or Juvenile Probation
  • Referred by DCS

The YOC’s Day Reporting program is a community-based service offered through a contract with DCS. The YOC partners with local governments to provide Day Reporting services in multiple counties throughout Indiana. For more information about how the YOC can set up a Day Reporting Center in your county, please contact David Dickerson at ddickers@yocinc.org.

The Day Reporting program is a co-ed program for youth who have been identified to be at-risk for removal from the home and have demonstrated repetitive problem or delinquent behaviors that require intervention. Youth assigned to this program are provided intensive supervision, educational planning and assistance, independent living skills, community and recreational activities, and community service projects. Youth may also be eligible for cognitive behavioral instruction groups which address thinking errors, anger management, substance abuse, and other mental health needs that may be identified. Parenting support/education services are also available to the youth’s family. Youth attend the Day Reporting program from 4 – 8 hours per day. Participation, progress, and activities completed are communicated on a regular basis to the placing agency and courts.