YOC Wellness

About the Program

Through funding from the Ball Brothers Foundation, the YOC was able to launch the YOC Health and Wellness program in July 2009.  Since the birth of YOC Wellness we’ve taken a strategic approach in our implementation.  In short, we believe wellness is a state of physical, intellectual, emotional, community, and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illness.  Wellness at the YOC is designed to reflect this belief.

The vision of YOC Wellness is to inspire staff and youth to reach their full potential by supporting healthy lifestyle choices through a culture of wellness.

The mission of YOC Wellness is to educate, support, and empower staff and youth to improve and maintain their overall health and well-being.

Core Values
The YOC Wellness program will provide…

  • Recreational activities that build bodies and self-confidence
  • Intellectual knowledge that builds sharp minds
  • Emotional support that levels the peaks and valleys of life
  • Community engagement that encourages connectivity
  • Spiritual guidance that clarifies purpose

Health AND Wellness for Staff
Whereas wellness is concerned with preventive practices that will increase one’s overall well-being, health is concerned with treating the physical body and addressing areas which will improve an individuals biomedical outcomes.  Both are vitally important.  That’s why we provide an appealing health benefit package as well as wellness services.  

YOC Health Center Strengthened by IU Health
In addition to our excellent health insurance benefit options we also provide the onsite YOC Health Center for those enrolled in the our health benefit plan.

YOC Wellness
When we ask employees about what makes the YOC a great place to work they say things like “YOC has a family friendly atmosphere”, or “it’s all about caring for others”, or “I feel at home here.”  These statements are a testament to the vibrant culture at the YOC.  In a word, the culture of the YOC is “caring.”

The YOC Wellness team has weaved in various components of wellness into our caring culture.  If you spend much time here you’ll see how it is flourishing throughout our campus and in our employees.

Our wellness team has also created a fun, rewards based program called Get In The Game!, which rewards employees in their journey of maintaining a high level of well-being.

Get In The Game!
Get In The Game! is designed to reward employees for their daily healthy practices and encourage a sustained lifestyle of wellbeing. There are three levels in the game including “Team Member”, “Team Captain”, and “Team Coach”. The levels are based on the amount WellBucks employees earn by taking action in their wellbeing. Employees can earn WellBucks by participating in the various activities, events, and challenges either in their own personal lives, or here at work. For more information, contact our Wellness Coordinator, Nate Taylor.

The YOC is a member of the Wellness Council of Indiana and has recieved the 5 Star AchieveWell well workplace award!