Low-Moderate Risk; Staff Secure; Females


[Staff Ratio 1:4]

  • History or signs of abuse or neglect
  • Non – violent, delinquent behaviors
  • Family discord
  • Academic issues
  • Independent living preparation

TransLife‘s purpose is to equip female adolescents with independent living skills and real-world opportunities in order to prepare them for adulthood. The goal is to provide guidance and support, so they are able to be self-sufficient, productive, and successful in reaching their life’s goals. This is accomplished through teaching skills with experiential learning in self-management, daily living skills, educational support, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and constructive coping strategies by professionally trained treatment staff.

The TransLife program also focuses on assisting residents with career preparation, such as career exploration, community involvement, job readiness classes, resume building, interview preparation, money management, and seeking employment. When appropriate, residents will receive assistance in completing their FAFSA, 21st Century Scholarship application, and college applications to help them prepare for college admission.