Severe Risk; Private Secure Unit; DD/ID Licensed Designation; Males

  TARGET POPULATION: AGES 10-18                                                                             [Staff Ratio 1:3]

  • Youth with an IQ of 40 and above
  • Autism spectrum disorders with uncontrolled behaviors
  • Neuro-developmental disorders: intellectual and communication deficits
  • Psychological and/or mild to moderate physical impairments causing problems with language, mobility, learning, self-help, etc.
  • Victims of physical, sexual, emotional abuse and/or neglect
  • Chronic emotional dysfunction
  • Mood regulatory disorders
  • Social and interpersonal difficulties
  • Poor coping skills

The STARS Unit is a unique residential treatment program devoted to helping adolescents who have developmental and intellectual disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders. These youth are not manageable or safe in the home, foster home, staff secure residential facility, or other less restrictive environments.

The STARS program offers a highly structured environment with increased security measures while addressing physical development, health, nutritional status, sensory-motor development, speech and language development, auditory functioning, cognitive development, vocational development, social development, and adaptive behaviors or independent living skills. Youth placed in this program will undergo a Comprehensive Functional Assessment (CFA) to assist with the development of the youth’s Individual Program Plan (IPP) and Behavioral Support Plan (BSP).

In addition, youth will receive intensive behavior intervention (IBI) services, occupational therapy, and other services as determined by the treatment team (e.g., speech therapy). Educational services, including development and implementation of an individualized education plan (IEP), may be provided through off grounds public school or through the YOC’s accredited on-grounds school program, operated by Muncie Community Schools and supported by YOC educational assistants.