Low-Severe Risk; Staff Secure or Staff Secure with Fenced Perimeter; Males and Females

  TARGET POPULATION: AGES 6-18                                                                                  [Staff Ratio 1:4]

  • Youth referred by Juvenile Court and/or Juvenile Probation for assessment
  • Youth referred by DCS for assessment

Youth may be placed in the Diagnostic and Evaluation Program for up to 30 days to evaluate the needs of the youth and his/her family. Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations will incorporate information from multiple disciplines including nursing assessments, psychiatric evaluations, educational assessment, bio-psychosocial assessment, and psychological testing, as deemed necessary. Neuropsychological tests and medication evaluation will be included when needed.

In addition, information from the family, placing agent and previous service providers will be collected and reviewed. The completed diagnostic evaluation will integrate all data into a comprehensive written report including a summary of the treatment issues, any potential barriers to reunification, the psychological diagnosis, and specific recommendations for treatment. Specific tests will be tailored according to the referral and the client’s needs. All testing and evaluations will be directed by a licensed psychologist (Health Services Provider in Psychology).