Juvenile Detention Services

Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center
The Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center is managed and operated by the Youth Opportunity Center, Inc. The Detention Center serves youth have committed delinquent acts and are placed under the jurisdiction of juvenile probation department and courts. The Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center is a co-ed facility, however populations do not integrate within the daily schedule. The Detention Center combines a rigid daily schedule that sets high behavior expectations for each delinquent youth. This structured program incorporates clear daily expectations in a positive, respectful approach by the professionally trained staff.

The Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center is licensed by the Department of Corrections and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). Additionally, the Juvenile Detention Center is fully engaged in Performance Based Standards and demonstrates a a standard of excellence in juvenile detention services.

For additional information, please contact Juvenile Services Director, James Williams at (765) 741-4940 or email jdadmit@yocinc.org

Services Provided:

  • Pre-adjudication Placements
  • Post-adjudication Placements with counseling services
  • Psychiatric consultation as needed
  • Medical services
  • Clinical staff
  • Indiana state licensed teacher and a teacher’s aid
  • GED preparatory materials


  • Safe and secure environment
  • 44 individual day rooms
  • 2 isolation cells
  • Highly rigid/structured schedule