Diagnostic and Evaluation Program

The D&E program provides highly trained professional staff and licensed psychologists that complete a variety of objective measures to identify clinical risk factors in the areas of academic achievements, bio-psychosocial assessment and a psychological examination. Various testing assessments can be conducted that include specific testing for such areas as trauma, substance abuse, sexually maladaptive behaviors, personality and mood disorders, etc. which provide insight into clinical risk factors.

YOC is home to a doctoral-level internship site which is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) which includes doctoral candidates from across the country. Doctoral interns conduct counseling, group work, and psychological testing.  The D & E Program is eligible for youth referred by the Department of Child Services and Juvenile Probation. D & E placement is a 30 day stay.

If you have questions relating to the Diagnostic and Evaluation Program please contact D & E Referrals should be directed to YOC’s Admissions Department admissions@yocinc.org.