27 Aug The YOC Announces Launch of Family Beacon

The Youth Opportunity Center is excited to announce the launch of Family Beacon, a new, community-based division of services that will focus on community-based treatment for kids and families across Indiana. Family Beacon includes the YOC’s newest program, Family Preservation, which provides in-home services for families with a substantiated case of abuse or neglect, when it’s determined the child(ren) can safely stay in the home during treatment. The Family Preservation program of Family Beacon officially launched in Indiana DCS region 7 on July 1, with plans to expand throughout the state as need and resources allow.

The YOC believes Family Beacon, and specifically the Family Preservation program, will allow kids and families to receive the treatment they need, much earlier on in their journey. This expansion into home-based and community-based services is a direct reaction to the ever-changing landscape of the child services industry. With more children staying in the home longer, the need to provide the YOC’s extensive legacy of quality treatment in a variety of settings is at an all-time high.

Further, the Family Preservation program is not limited to serving adolescents. Families with children ages birth to 18 years are eligible for the Family Preservation program—again allowing the YOC’s team of highly-qualified mental health professionals to provide treatment services much earlier on in children’s lives. As with the YOC’s residential programs, private referrals are not accepted. Placement in the Family Preservation program must be determined by DCS.

The decision to house the new in-home Family Preservation program under an entirely new brand, Family Beacon, was a strategic decision made by the YOC’s executive team. For more information about Family Beacon and Family Preservation, visit: https://www.yocinc.org/programs/community-based/.

“The creation of Family Beacon as a division of the YOC was born of a desire to leverage our decades of successful service in the residential treatment landscape while differentiating our new community-based services in a meaningful way,” stated Rick Rowray, YOC CEO. “The Family Beacon brand represents the guiding and nurturing values our community-based services promote, and our deep desire to preserve the family unit whenever safely possible.”


The Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit, juvenile behavioral treatment center serving children and youth from throughout Indiana. Celebrating 25 years of serving kids, the YOC, in partnership with area agencies, offers a complementary range of services on its 75-acre campus including residential and outpatient counseling, on-grounds accredited school, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), juvenile court, day treatment program, and juvenile detention. The YOC is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) and the American Psychological Association (APA).