04 Dec Giving Thanks

Just a few years after the YOC opened, the YOC staff began hosting an annual Family Thanksgiving dinner as a way to celebrate the giving season with the YOC’s residents and their families. Families and friends are invited each year to celebrate with everyone – family style. The kids at the YOC invite those they care about most to share a meal prepared just for them by our kitchen staff. Placing agents, teachers, and YOC staff attend as well, which provides an opportunity for them to visit with kids that they know – both kids who have families in attendance and those who don’t. YOC management, counselors, and other staff serve our kids and their families and the kids decorate the gym and provide activities at the tables for attendees to do while they enjoy time together. We hosted the dinner this year on Friday, November 22. A great time and a lot of pie was had by all!

This story is adapted from the December 2019 Placing Agent Newsletter.