31 Jul Building A Strong Team

For more than 25 years, The Youth Opportunity Center has provided a safe place for children and teens. We understand the incredible trust you place in our organization when you place a kid under our care. One way we honor your trust is by recruiting talented team members who are passionate about providing exceptional care. Simply put, The YOC is about people helping people in life-changing ways.

Our HR Department is comprised of dedicated professionals who maintain a standard of excellence for the children we serve. Whether speaking with candidates in the office or visiting at a job fair, our HR team recruits team members who have a heart for helping others reliably and consistently. The impact of a positive role model cannot be underestimated which is why our recruitment efforts never slow down.

The YOC offers many therapeutic programs staffed with qualified team members. The HR team collaborates with program managers across the organization to ensure open communication about staffing needs. When an ideal candidate is identified and they complete various screenings such as background checks and drug tests, The HR department will extend an offer to join The YOC team. New team members then complete rigorous training that provides a strong foundation of knowledge and the opportunity to learn more about the mission of our organization.

We are grateful that you choose to place children in our care when residential treatment is necessary. We want you to know that our team continually fosters an environment where kids can reach their full potential and make lasting changes for a bright future.

This story is adapted from the August 2019 Placing Agent Newsletter.