29 Mar Spring Forward

For many, spring is a season of renewal. Temperatures warm and inspiration for change quickly follows and for some, results in new adventures or pursuits. Prior to being placed at The Youth Opportunity Center, many of the children living here did not have the luxury of daydreaming about new adventures because their basic needs were not being met. As Placing Agents, you understand the impact of an unstable home environment, food insecurity, and complex trauma. Together, we can provide intervention and healing.

One aspect of treatment at The YOC focuses on independent living. The Independent Living (IL) team works tirelessly to provide for each resident’s needs by creating activities, classes, and events to help residents accomplish tangible goals. Staff coach towards success by aiding to maintain a clear focus and identify realistic benchmarks that lead to concrete results. Our holistic approach to teaching independent living skills begins in each program, woven throughout the daily schedule. The IL team also develops workshops targeting specific topics such as financial management, post-secondary educational planning, and career aptitude testing. Community-based learning such as field trips to financial institutions, college tours, and exploration of housing options provide opportunities for connection and exploration. On many occasions, classes result in acceptance into educational programs and employment obtainment.

The Independent Living office maintains detailed activity records for each IL-aged child on campus. In addition to a list of activities, staff also provide a description of individual goals as well as achievements for each child, when applicable.

This story is from the April 2019 Placing Agent Newsletter.