12 Feb Opportunities for Enrichment

The Youth Opportunity Center ensures that each child receives appropriate academic support in many ways. Our team of Educational Assistants is present in the classroom to help as needs arise, provide guidance with homework, or facilitate discussions about current events. In January, the YOC launched a series of Educational Enrichment Programs to enhance the academic support provided to the children in our care. This new initiative is designed to assist residents in achieving academic success while recognizing that not all children learn in the same manner. We believe that education occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. The goal of this program is to provide our children with the opportunity to apply academic lessons to real-life scenarios. The initial curriculum will focus on three topics; Personal Finance, History, and Health & Wellness.

The Personal Finance Program equips residents with the math skills necessary to maintain a personal budget and make sound financial decisions. Learning this skill not only helps YOC’s children understand the basics of personal finance but also feel confident in their ability to manage their earnings and envision a financially stable future.

Although the History Program focuses on past events throughout world history, the curriculum is designed to provide a platform for conversations about the future. Residents learn about significant events in our world and directly apply that knowledge to the current cultural climate. Discussions center on what has worked in the past and what improvements can be made to foster a better tomorrow.

Many aspects of treatment provided at the YOC focus on mastering the skills necessary to lead an independent and healthy life. The Health & Wellness Program teaches students to read recipes and accurately measure ingredients to make each meal a success. Residents also learn how food is grown and about the importance of food safety and sanitation.

We are passionate about providing opportunities for continued learning and investment in the future of our residents. Additional Educational Enrichment Programs will be launched throughout the year as our expert staff identifies further areas of need and interest.

This story is from the 2018 Winter Newsletter. To view the full newsletter click here.